Rotary's Adopt-A-Town

  Supporting our communities in need ...

How do I Adopt A Town?

1. Choose A Town to Adopt

  • Click on the map to the right and see which town or towns you would like to help.
  • If there is a Rotary wheel that means that a Rotary Club is already working with one or all of the Rotary Clubs in that town.
  • More than one Rotary Club can Adopt A Town.  It is recommended that you communicate with each other to see what each of you is doing.  It may be that you can work together on the same project

2. Contact the Rotary Club that you would like to Adopt to see if they would like you to adopt them

If you would like to adopt a town where there is no Rotary Club, you can either contact the nearest Rotary Club to see if they would like to work with you, or work with another organisation (it doesn't have to be Rotary, it can be a Club or other community group).

3. Please email us at to notify us of your adoption and we will mark it on the map

4. Please continue to tell us your stories so we can share them with others.  This is a great way to obtain publicity, but also to share some great projects!